Design development of the electronic applied machinery and microcomputer-related machinery Digital circuit, analog circuitry, mechanism design, a board design Information system, labor saving machinery, product inspection machinery, communications equipment Optoelectronics machinery, microcomputer programmer development and the sale of products etc.




Quality control Division  To secure stable quality and to try for realization of the reliability

We check all processes to development, production, distribution and set the severe aim standard to be able to always find stable quality and carry out inspection of the quality and management.
We work on continuous improvement, and swiftness meets the needs of the visitor for the product surely and tries for realization of higher reliability.

Sales Division
  Beginning from hearing a demand carefully for the client.

It is our feature to have the much experience and results that we piled up for many years that we can cope from small quantity many kinds to a mass production product.
At first we hear the demand of the cliant surely slowly and carefully and suggestion suitable for the purpose of the client is quick and keeps it in mind so that it is possible.

Technical Development Division
  To move a highly precise system by highly precise software

We think about the whole system such as software development/ the process of manufacture to be able to show the greatest effect by the circuit made use of accumulated various technology in to the maximum.
We accept the demand of client by the most suitable systems architecture.

Fundamental technical knowledge, experience of past much success and failure and a rich idea to bring about the necessary thing which there is not in the world to change customer needs into form called the product.
To origin "should be such a thing" , "easy to use with more convenience",
we offer the total design which polished a thought.

Manufacturing Division  Realize "high quality"and "low cost" "short appointed date of delivery"

Knowledge as the professional of the manufacturing and technology are our pride.
We deal with small quantity many kinds, a special use product, the trial product much.
We take in enforcement of the production schedule and a functional production process.
And we define many problems found from there and carry out problem improvement quickly.

Purchasing Division  What can obtain a necessary part quickly has the speed of our correspondence

It always supply electronic parts for the order from each section by various routes
while carrying out intelligence from a market.
We accept your request about low cost, the short appointed date of delivery positively.