Corporate vision
 Management principles




Company profile

President Shinya Ueda

6-5-24 Tsurumi Tsurumi ku Osaka, Japan 538-0053

Tel. 06-6913-4531
Fax. 06-6913-4534
Founded August 1977
Form January, 1979 incorporation
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Key account

Renesas Electronics Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric trading Co., Ltd
Sharp document system Co., Ltd.
Kotu Dengyo Corporation Co., Ltd
Kogiken Co., Ltd.
Kyowa electronics industry Co., Ltd
Hoei denki Co.,Ltd
Nakakita seisakusho Co.,Ltd
Ryoden trading company Co.,Ltd
Tachibana eletec Co.,Ltd
Ryoyo electro Co.,Ltd
Kyoei sangyo Co.Ltd
Takebishi Co.Ltd
Kanaden Co.Ltd
Mansei Co.,Ltd
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Corporate History
1977 Suisei Electronics Systems is founded at Chuo 3 Joto ku, Osaka
1979 Incorporated as Suisei Electoronics Systems Co.,Ltd Capital 5,000,000 yen
1981 Moved to Imafukuhigasi 3 Joto ku, Osaka
1986 Moved to Tsurumi 5 Tsurumi ku, Osaka
1990 Increase of capital 10,000,000 yen
2000 Main duties is moved in Tsurumi 6 Tsurumi ku, Osaka
2009 Suisei Electronics System receives ISO 9001 certification
Suisei Electronics System receives ISO 14001 certification
2017 Kazuyoshi Takase was appointed as executive
Shinya Ueda was appointed as President
Itsuro Izumi was appointed as an Adviso
2021 ISO14001 switched to independent management