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Manual of Main body and unit
    EFP-RC2, EFP-LC, EFP-I/S2/S2V, EFP-RC, EF1SRP-01U/05U/01US2, WinEFP2 etc.

Manual of Parallel unit
    38000 series, 7470 series, 7700 series, 7900 series, M16C family

Supplement of Serial Unit
    720/4500 series, 38000/740 series, 7700/7900 series, M16C family,R8C family

Manual of Target Connection Cable for Serial Unit

MS series board

EFP-I, EFP-S2, EFP-S2V, EFP-RC, EFP-LC Supported device list
    Supported device list

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Download of each manual
    Manual of Main body and unit  PDF file

EFP-RC2 User's Guide Publication
EFP-RC2 Instruction Manual May 2017
EFP-RC2 Supplementary manual(For RX66T) Mar 2020
EFP-LC User's Guide Publication
EFP-LC Instruction Manual Jan.2013
EFP-LC TypeE Supplementary manual(For RX66T) Mar.2020
EFXQZP-01-D User's Manual Apr.2012
EFP-S2/S2V User's Guide Publication
EFP-S2 User's Guide Mar.2003
EFP-S2V User's Guide June.2005
WinEFP2 User's Guide Feb.2006
AC adapter for EFP-S2, EFP-S2V instructions Apr.2011
RC-G4 RC-G8 User's Guide Publication
RC-G4B/RC-G8B Instruction Manual Mar.2018
RC-G4 Users Manual May.2007
RC-G8 Users Manual May.2007
AC adapter for RC-G8/G4 instructions Apr.2011
EFP-I User's Guide Publication
EFP-I Instruction Manual May.1999
WinEfpRE Control Software Instruction Manual May.1999
Serial Unit User's Guide Publication
EF1SRP-01US2 July.2011
EF1SRP-01U May.1999
EF1SRP-05U June.2004
Connector Converter Unit Publication
EF1CNT-96P User's Guide Mar.2003

Supplement of Serial Unit PDF file

    720/4500 Series

Document Name Publication
720/4500 Series -
4283 Group June.2008
4508/4509 Group May.2006
4559 Group May.2006
4571 Group June.2008

    38000/740 Series

Document Name Publication
3803/3804 Group (FLASH) Jan.2001
3823 Group (QzROM) Sep.2005
3850/3851 Group (Flash) July.2001
3850/3858 Group (QzROM) June.2005
38D2 Group (QzROM) Oct.2006
38D2/38D5 Group (FLASH) July.2008
7544/7545 Group (QzROM) Oct.2007

    7700/7900 Series

Document Name Publication
7700 Series -
7900 Series Jan.2001
7900 Series/7910 Group Sep.2001

    M16C family

Document Name Publication
M16C/20 Series -@
M16C/62 Series Mar.2003
M16C/80 Series Mar.2003
M32C/83 Group Mar.2003
M16C/6H Group Jan.2004
M16C/6K7 Group Nov.2001

    R8C family

    RX family

Document Name Publication
RX family (For EFP-LC) Jan.2013

Manual of Parallel unit
PDF file

38000 series Publication
EF3803F-64FS2 June, 2006
EF3803F-64HS2 June, 2006
EF3803F-64SS2 June, 2006
EF3803F-64US2 June, 2006
EF3803F-64F Aug, 2005


Aug, 2005
EF3803F-64S Aug, 2005
EF3803F-64U July, 2004
EF3850F-42E July, 2001
EF3850F-42S July, 2001
EF38B7F-100G Aug, 2001
EF38C2F-64F Feb, 2002
EF38C2F-64H Feb, 2002
7470 series Publication
EF7470-32S Aug, 2001
EF3751F-48H Feb, 2002
EF3751F-48H2 Feb, 2002
EF7542F-32F Aug, 2005
EF7542F-32S April, 2005
EF7542F-36E April, 2003
7700 series Publication
EF7702-80F March, 1998
EF7702-80L June, 2000
EF7751F-80F November, 1997
EF7753F-80H May, 1999
EF7754F-100G May, 1999
7900 series Publication
EF7905F-64F Oct, 2000
EF7905F-64S July, 2000
EF7906F-42E June, 2000
EF7906F-42S June, 2000
EF7910F-100H Nov, 1999
EF7920F-100G Nov, 1999
EF7920F-100H Nov, 1999
M16C family Publication
EF3062F-100GS2 Dec, 2003
EF3062F-100HS2 Dec, 2003
EF3020F-52S Oct, 2000
EF3020F-56G Oct, 2000
EF3021F-100G June, 2000


June, 2000
EF3022F-144H June, 2000
EF3022F-144R June, 2000


June, 2003
EF3062F-128H Dec, 2006
EF3062F-100G May, 2002
EF3062F-80G June, 2000
EF306HF-116G Uproading soon

Manual of Target Connection cable for Serial Unit

Document Name Publication
Target connection cable Manual for serial unit April.2008

MS series board manual PDF file

      Please download it from following link

    720/4500 series
Document Name Publication
MS4238-20F June 2011
MS4280-20G June 2011
MS4502-24F June 2011
MS4508-20G June 2011
MS4552-48G June 2011
MS4553-48H June 2011
MS4556-42E June 2011
MS4559-52H June 2011
MS4559-52H2 June 2011

    38000/740 series
Document Name Publication
MS3803F-64S June 2011
MS3803F-64F June 2011
MS3803F-64H June 2011
MS38C5-80H June 2011
MS38C5-80U June 2011
MS7544-32S June 2011
MS3882-80H June 2011
MS7545-36E June 2011
MS7546-36K June 2011
MS7546-32S June 2011
MS3850-42E June 2011
MS3850-42S June 2011
MS7162-52S June 2011
MS7162-80U June 2011
MS3823-80F June 2011
MS3823-80H June 2011
MS3803-64H June 2011
MS3803-64U June 2011
MS3803-64S June 2011
MS38D2-64H June 2011
MS38D2-64U June 2011
MS38D5-80H June 2011
MS38D5-80F June 2011
MS7282-64U June 2011
MS7282-64S June 2011
MS7154-64S June 2011
MS7154-80U June 2011
MS7548-20G June 2011
MS7549-24F June 2011
MS3803F-64S2 June 2011
MS3803F-64F2 June 2011
MS3803F-64H2 June 2011
MS3803F-64U2 June 2011
MS7544-32F2 June 2011

    M16C family
Document Name Publication
MS3039F-100G June 2011

    R8C family
Document Name Publication
MS2LA6F-64H June 2011
MS212AF-64B June 2011
MS2133F-32F June 2011