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Last Update
Apr. 07, 2020
Product CD Ver.1.24

Update contents

:EFP-LC TypeE Improved the phenomenon that comparison with the checksum value entered in the PBT file is not executed when the checksum command is executed on the RX66T series.
:EFP-LC TypeE F/W version is upgraded to Ver.2.00.07.

Update history

Composition of the folder in CD data

Composition of the folder in EFP-LC Product CD data
Folder name Contents
Manual English EFP-LC instruction manual English (PDF)
Manual Japanese EFP-LC TypeA/B/C/D instruction manual Japanese (PDF)
EFP-LC TypeE instruction manual Japanese (PDF)
Software Latest EFP-LC firmware and control software complete set (Firmware,RC-Downloader,CRC_Checker,USB driver,8bit QzROM Blank Data) are stored.
Sample script Sample script is stored.
Support device list Each device list is stored. (PDF)

Product CD Data

EFP-LC Product CD data latest version

File nameF
File sizeF 20.9MB
File formatF ZIP file
EFP-LC F/W versionF TypeA Ver.2.00.03
TypeB Ver.2.00.03
TypeC Ver.2.00.03
TypeD Ver.2.00.04
TypeE Ver.2.00.07
Download S/W versionF Ver.4.00.00

yBug information of F/W version 1.05.00z

Target products:
TypeB/C/D/E(TypeA excludes)
The product which you purchased after 2014/3/5 or products that are upgraded to the latest F/W at our site.

EIn F/W version 1.05.00, if a power supply is disconnected before a script carries out an execution completion, when using it for the next, an old script file (PBT) may be performed.
Customers of the use of the target product, please upgrade to the latest F/W (Ver.1.05.03).

yInstructions about F/W version upz

ELatest F/W cannot revise the product made before "No.R2D00091".
When you write in it by mistake, the product does not work definitely.
Please contact support.