It introduces frequently asked questions from inquiry sent to user support.

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Program Main Body

  • I want to use EFP programmer by a mass production, but is there the limit?
    • When you use this device for a mass production, please consider environment by yourself, and use it after confirmation reliability. In addition, when you mass-produce the programs that was completed development please judge right or wrong in your responsibility by doing implementation evaluation and an examination by all means.
  • Difference EFP-S2 with EFP-S2V
    • EFP-S2V is low price edition of EFP-S2.
      The specifications except the Installed RAM are the same.
      The difference with EFP-S2 is half of the user buffer RAM capacity of EFP-S2V (4M byte 2M byte).
      There is not the product that ROM capacity of MCU is over 2M byte now. So, it is no problem if you uses EFP-S2.

  • Difference EFP-I with EFP-S2 (EFP-S2V)
    • EFP-S2/S2V succeeds a function of EFP-I, and USB connection is possible. In addition, the inside buffer RAM is increased to 4MB (EFP-S2V:2MB) that EFP-I was 512kB, and it is possible to support a writing of various MCU.

  • Can I use MCU unit for EFP-I in EFP-S2V/EFP-S2?
    • To use MCU unit for EFP-I in EFP-S2/S2V , EF1CNT-96P is necessary.
  • About a connection method
    • EFP-I : It is connected to the PC by the RS232C
      EFP-S2/S2V : It is connected to the PC by USB or RS232
      EFP-RC : It is connected to the PC by the USB

      When you write in it to QzROM using EFP-S2/S2V, please use AC adapter by all means.
  • About Error at the time of the start with LED of EFP-I
    • * Yellow/Green LED simultaneous on and off light
      The system error of the main body of EFP occurs. It can be restorable by carrying out WinFirmRE.
      * Yellow/Red LED alternation on and off light
      When a unit is not put on, it occurs.
      Turn off a power supply and put on a unit, please turn on a power supply again.
      * Yellow/Green LED alternation on and off light
      It occurs when it is written in firmware of EFP-1M at EFP-I.
      Repair is necessary.

  • Where can I get MCU support list?
    • Please check supported device list of the download page.
      About products which is not written in support device list and developing MCU, please contact us.

Serial I/O mode

  • As for the target connection cable, 50cm are normal, but how much can lengthen it?
    • It can use length of the target connection cable is around 1m. But there is the case that does not work by the method of the terminal. Please make last decision by yourself.
  • Does the green line of the target connection cable have to be connected?
    • If PC or EFP and the signal GND of target board are connected, the green line does not need connection.
  • What is happened when green GND line is not connected?
    • When a potential difference occurs between each GND by static electricity and connected EFP-I and a target board, the terminal which touched it first increases high voltage, and it might be MCU inside is destroyed.
  • I want to put CR circuit in a serial writing terminal for ESD protection.
    • TXD, RXD, SCLK line communicates at 3Mbps.
      If a delay with CR circuit becomes largely, communication becomes impossible, and device error (01) occurs.
  • Where Reset signal must be connected?
    • Please connect to become reset circuit and wired OR in RESET_IN of MCU. When you input it into a reset circuit, please make pulling up by resistance of 10K. In addition, please do under 20ms for the delay time at the RESET_IN of MCU from reset input.
  • M16C/62 has three terminals of CE, CNVSS, EPM as a mode entry terminal. It is only CNVSS that it is controlled by EFP side, Does the other 2 terminals (CE EPM) change it by manual operation?
    • There are two ways of methods to change by the connection of the connector and to change by CNVSS signal (PGM/OE).
      1. To change it in a connector, add EPM and CE signal of MCU, and it makes given 'H' in CE, 'L' in EPM when target connection cable was connected.
      2. To change it with CNVSS (PGM/OE) signal, when CNVSS signal is 'H', please add the circuit like EPM is 'L' and CE become 'H'. Attention : It can use CNVSS only single tip mode becoming 'L' (pull-down).
  • When it writes data to MCU in serial writing mode, collation error occurs in Verify check. Unsettled data were written in when it began to read writing data in read command.
    • Please confirm whether resistance or condenser is not connected to TXD (SDA), SCLK terminal. Communication of MCU and EFP does not synchronize and it may output unsettled data to MCU.
  • About connection with MCU
    • About the connection with EFP and each MCU, look at each MCU series supplement document of Download page.


Parallel I/O mode

  • Elimination and writing were not possible after writing in a program in parallel writing mode. All the data became 00H when it began to read writing data by read command.
    • ROM cord protection function works in MCU side, and the renewal of the built-in Flash memory and reading are prohibited. This function occurs when ROM cord protection bit set '0' in the ROM cord protection control number in parallel I/O mode. ROM cord protection function is different in specifications by MCU.Please confirm "built-in Flash memory renewal prohibited function" in the data sheet of MCU.
  • About the method to remove ROM cord protection function
    • When ROM cord protection function worked, it set ROM cord protection cancellation bit '0' in ROM cord protection control number. Or erase data in ROM cord protection control number,return ROM cord protection bit '0' '1'. Then cancellation is possible. However, in parallel I/O mode, it can not renewal elimination in ROM cord protection control number. Please remove ROM cord protection function with serial I/O mode.


[General edition]
  • About Error to happen by poor contact
    • When it has poor contact between EFP and MCU, device error occurs.
      Please clean IC socket and the connector.

  • About Error to happen at the time of QzROM use
    • When read protection becomes effective, SDA line is fixed, and no command is accepted.
      In addition, there is not the method to remove read protection.

  • About Error occurring in the main body
    • When it start EFP-I, at the time of yellow/green LED turns on at the same time, carry out WinFirmRE.exe, and please return firmware to an initial state. When it does not restore, repair is necessary.

  • About Error to occur at the time of R8C/Tiny use
    • EFP-S2/S2V and EFP-RC can be changed clock transfer speed.
      When transfer speed is too fast, there is the case that communication time-out error occurs.


  • About Error to occur at the time of parallel unit use
    • When poor contact is taking place with IC socket, it is displayed "Contact defect pin (n)".
      It shows that poor contact occurs by n pin.
  • About device error
    • Device error has six kinds of the next.
Parallel writing 00 : when the reading data are not normal after reading data from MCU, device error (00) occurs.
Serial writing 01 : Status confirmation error
Mode entry is completed after liberation from reset and performs status confirmation. When 10 times fail in status confirmation, Device error (01) occurs.
02 : Command error
It publish command after status confirmation, but Device error (02) occurs if there is not a reply for this command.
03 : Mode entry error
If BUSY signal does not become 'H' 'L', in a mode entry, Device error (03) occurs.
05 : Reception time-out error
When data reception time-out error was sent back by the status confirmation of published by command before and after by MCU, Device error (05) occurs.
06 : BUSY signal input error
When BUSY signal is not 'H' input, and it was 'L' input, after liberation from reset, Device error (06) occurs.

  • Device error (03) occurs by Serial writing, and writing is not possible.
    • Please confirm whether the signal of BUSY terminal becomes 'H' 'L' after liberation from reset. Target MCU or Mode entry does not work if it does not become 'L'. Please confirm mode entry terminal (CNVSS, CE, EPM) and MCU outskirts circuit (power supply, oscillation etc.). In addition, it may the case that BUSY input line of the serial unit is broken and a boot program in MCU are erased.
  • Device error (01) occurs by Serial writing, and writing is not possible.
    • Mode entry was completed, but communication is not done. Please confirm TXD, RXD, SCLK terminal and a signal. MCU rarely drives recklessly, and BUSY becomes 'L' and becomes Device error (03), (02).
  • Device error (02) occurs in serial writing of M16C/62 group. I observed the wave pattern of TXD, RXD, SCLK terminal with an oscilloscope, but the abnormality in particular is not seen.
    • Please identify the state of NMI terminal and version of MCU. When it is printed with "VER.HB" in the surface of MCU, pulling up processing is necessary for NMI terminal. When NMI terminal is not done pulling up of in this MCU, there is the case that serial I/O mode does not work normally.
  • Device error (01), (02) occur by serial writing of M16C/62 group but sometimes it works normalcy.
    • It seems that the connection with MCU and EFP does not have the problem in particular.
      As for MCU of an old version, there is the case that the movement of the serial I/O mode becomes unstable in unless A19 terminal is done pulling up.


WinEFP Operation

  • To perform serial writing I set WinEFP and environment setting, and click "OK". And "ID error" occurs.
    • When it confirms Device after the environmental setting end, it collates a cord written in ID code region of the MCU inside ROM with "ID cord" of the environmental setting. When collation does not accord, "ID error" occurs. In addition, collation of the ID cord checks with MCU built-in Flash except M38000 (NOR).
  • Is there the method that it does not check ID collation by serial writing?
    • If ID coding region is a blank state, ID collation function becomes invalid. This domain manages Boot program of MCU.
      Please input the data which is written in ID cord parameter in the environmental setting if you write in wrong data.
  • Please explain Offset address.
    • Offset address has "HEX offset" and "MCU offset".
      "HEX offset" is to arrange a cord from RAM top in HEX road, and "MCU offset" is to write in RAM top cord at MCU inside ROM top. In the case of EFP-I, as for both, same value is set. Usually 0H becomes the setting of the default, but automaticaly offset address of 80000H is set at the specific unit. The details of Offset address are mentioned in EFP-I manual. Please refer it.
  • Parameter error occurred after having downloaded HEX file
    • When the data of downloaded HEX file showed a number except EFP-I installed RAM domain, parameter error occurs. When the cause of the error is unknown, attach environment setting contents and HEX file of WinEFP, and please refer to our support. When the cause of the error is unknown, attach environment setting contents and HEX file of WinEFP, please send to our support.
  • About WinFirmRE.exe of EFP-I
    • It carries out WinFirmRE.exe at the time of the system error outbreak that Yellow/Green LED flashes on and off at the same time after power supply injection of EFP-I. This returns firmware to an initial state and perform restoration from system error.
  • About poor contact
    • When poor contact occurs in IC socket and a connector, there is the case which the device errors such as program errors happen. When writing is not possible by poor contact, it is necessary to clean IC socket and the connector.
      We recommend Nanotek brush for cleaning.

Others FAQ

  • Please tell the appointed date of delivery of the product.
    • The appointed date of delivery, it is different by a shipment country and transportation time.
  • I look for writable specific MCU in devices list in the product information site, but it is not found.
    • Device list is written only products performed writing formally. It does not write about products for writing now. The inquiry about the kind for writing supports by E-mail or FAX. Please contact us.
  • About payment
    • We sends out articles that you order after bank transfer confirmation.
  • Do you have the agent of each country?
    • Please refer to the sale company of Renesas which purchased a microcomputer.