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Economical unit change method is adopted


PROM & FLASH Programmer
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Feature of EFP-I

Unit can be selected according to your intended purpose.
Economical unit change method is adopted.

There are 80 or above types of MCU unit, and it is compliant with Renesas Electronics
4/8/16/32bit MCU.

It flexibly complies with variety of MCU model expansion.
Expeditious compliance with new MCU at a reasonable cost can be expected.

Product configuration

  • Power pack
  • Product CD (PDF Manual. Control software, etc.)
  • Instruction manuals

EFP-I   Specifications
Program method Renesas Electronics MCU writing method
Applicable MCU Renesas Electronics MCUs with flash memory, PROM and QzROM
Memory 512KB user program buffer
Com. interface RS-232C I/F
Operation Operable from PC.
Corresponding OS: Windows95, 98
Power DC 17.5V to 24V Min. 300mA
Power consumption Max. 5VA
External dimensions 110(W) ~ 170(D) ~ 36(H)mm
Weight 400g