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Programming target board for standard serial I/O mode

MS Series Board


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Feature of MS series board

Reading and writing to MCU board are possible

MS series board is writing target board for standard serial I/O mode used by connecting
to EFP-I/IM or EFP-S2/S2V or EFP-RC.
From boards more than 50 kinds, it can write and read to MCU with built-in Flash, OTP and QzROM.

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Product configuration

          EMS series product manual

Supported Device list

Supported Device list of EFP-I, EFP-S2/S2V, EFP-RC and EFP-LC.
Correspond to the MCU720/4500 series. 740 family / R8C family / M16C family made by Renesas Electronics.

EFP-I/EFP-S2/EFP-S2V/EFP-RC/EFP-LC supported device list

Manual Download
MS series board manual