Our company primarily specializes in design and development tasks related to industrial electronic application equipment, such as circuit design, software development, and enclosure design. We also provide end-to-end manufacturing solutions, including PCB assembly, inspection, and packaging, for the entire production process.

  • Design and development of electronic application equipment and microcontroller-related devices.

    Design and development of electronic application equipment and microcontroller-related devices.

  • Digital circuit and analog circuit design.

    Digital circuit and analog circuit design.

  • Mechanical design.

    Mechanical design.

  • PCB design.

    PCB design.

  • Information processing systems.

    Information processing systems.

  • Labor-saving equipment.

    Labor-saving equipment.

  • Product inspection equipment.

    Product inspection equipment.

  • Communication devices.

    Communication devices.

  • Optoelectronic equipment.

    Optoelectronic equipment.

  • Microcontroller programmer development and sales.

    Microcontroller programmer development and sales.


Once we have received the product image and concept from the customer, our engineers will use that as a basis to carry out development and design. We can provide a one-stop solution from prototyping to mass production.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff, assembled into teams based on your requirements, will efficiently and swiftly advance your project. We have a setup that can assist at any stage, so please feel free to reach out for assistance.

  1. Quality Control Department

    Quality Control Department

    We strive to ensure stable quality and achieve reliability.

    We conduct quality inspection and management by setting rigorous standards to check all processes from development to manufacturing and logistics, ensuring consistent quality at all times.
    Our employees work together in continuous improvement activities, responding promptly and reliably to customer needs for our products, and striving for even higher levels of reliability.

  2. Sales Department

    Sales Department

    We begin by carefully listening to your needs and requests.

    Our company's distinctive features lie in our ability to handle small quantities of various products to mass production, as well as our extensive experience and track record built up over the years.
    First and foremost, we make it a point to thoroughly and reliably understand your requirements, enabling us to promptly provide tailored proposals that align with your objectives.

  3. Technical Department

    Technical Department

    We take pride in our expertise in running high-precision systems with high-precision software.

    We strive to meet your demands with high precision by considering the entire system, including later stages like software development and manufacturing, and by optimizing the system design to leverage various accumulated technologies to their fullest potential.
    Transforming customer needs into tangible products requires fundamental expertise, drawing from past successes and failures, and a creative mindset to generate innovations that the world has yet to see. Starting from the basics, we offer a total design approach honed through thoughtful consideration, aiming to provide solutions that stem from ideas like "It would be great if there was something like this" or "It could be more convenient and user-friendly.

  4. Manufacturing Department

    Manufacturing Department

    We achieve 'high quality,' 'low cost,' and 'short lead time' manufacturing through a consistent production system.

    We take pride in our knowledge and skills as professionals in manufacturing. We handle a wide range of products, including small quantities, diverse varieties, and specialized applications, including prototypes. We implement production plans with ample flexibility, incorporate efficient production processes, and quickly address various issues identified from this approach.
    With partner companies both domestically and internationally (in China and Vietnam), we are capable of accommodating a wide range of needs, from small batches to large-scale production.

  5. Materials Department

    Materials Department

    We support each department with procurement methods tailored to their needs.

    We consistently gather market information and conduct component procurement for a wide range of orders using the most optimal methods.
    We are actively responsive to requests for small lots, low cost, and short lead times.