With the theme of "We challenge technology of the one step future." we pursue advanced technology, value quality, and aim to be a dream-filled company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and global satisfaction.

In our company's business activities, which include the design, production, maintenance, service, and equipment sales of electronic application devices such as software and hardware, we have established and will maintain a 'Quality Management System (QMS)' based on ISO 9001, which we refer to as an 'Integrated Management System (IMS)' to ensure the following:

  1. To achieve customer satisfaction, we aim to prevent non-conformities and improve our operations with the objectives of enhancing product quality, ensuring on-time delivery, and reducing costs.

  2. To leave a beautiful Earth for future generations, we strive to conserve the local and global environment by reducing energy and resource consumption, promoting recycling, minimizing waste, preventing environmental pollution, and improving product quality.


In order to realize the management philosophy above, our company has established the following basic policies for each system, which all employees are made aware of, and which are implemented and maintained by all employees.

  1. Employees recognize that meeting the quality-related requirements demanded by customers is a common and essential challenge. To achieve continuous improvement in the effectiveness of Quality Management System (QMS) across all aspects of business operations and enhance customer satisfaction, the following actions will be taken.

  2. We recognize that environmental conservation on Earth is a common and crucial challenge for humanity. To achieve continuous improvement in the effectiveness of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) across all aspects of business operations and promote collaboration and coexistence with the surrounding communities, the following actions will be taken.

  • Based on the fundamental policies stated above and the objectives outlined for each system in accordance with our vision, we will establish annual goals at each departmental level and hierarchy to the extent that is technically and economically feasible. A framework will be provided for regular reviews of progress and achievements (at mid-year and year-end) to assess the degree of advancement and accomplishment.

  • To ensure that all employees are aware of their obligation to carry out the following items, we will conduct awareness-raising activities, including employee education and training. Our goal is to ensure widespread understanding and compliance.

    1. a)We will diligently work on enhancing the understanding of QMS, raising awareness of quality, improving qualifications, and ensuring a thorough recognition of the importance of meeting customer requirements.
    2. b)We will strive to enhance the understanding of EMS, promote environmental awareness, improve qualifications in this regard, and focus on pollution prevention.
  • All employees understand the integrated management system specified in the manual and comply with its provisions.

  • We will comply with quality and environmental laws, regulations, and requirements, as well as any demands agreed upon by our company. Additionally, we will strive to enhance and improve management in accordance with the manuals and relevant provisions.

  • To sustain the adequacy of the management system, we will establish a framework for reviewing this policy and revisit it annually. Furthermore, we will disclose it if there are external requests to do so.

President Shinya Ueda